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First Aider....Who me?
Unbelievable, Ive just got back from a night out, on my way I happened upon a guy leaning against a wall...covered in blood! He had been slashed with a knife, and this was down a road between a busy shop and the local police station!! I was holding the mans arm together shouting for help for four min's and nothing! No one, even though there is a block of flats over the one came for ages! Well it felt like ages.Eventually a policeman came and an ambulance, and I then went onto the hour later than expected, and more than a little frazzled! Many a Jack and Coke later I am home and getting ready for a good nights sleep! ;)
The policeman asked if I was a nurse....I told him I work in a school and he said that, that explained why I was so calm. Calm! I was shaking like a leaf after the ambulance had taken the guy away.
I'm never leaving the house without gloves and a face shield........I just am an accident / incident magnet! ;)


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